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The past couple of days have been interesting!

I had my final reflexology class. Weirdly, after that I always get a really bad headache/migraine. I don’t know whether it’s because sitting in the reclining chair, having someone practice a technique on my feet, then having to swap- means too much laying back, sitting up, standing up for my autonomic nervous system to handle. The weird thing is with these headaches I also get sinus pain. Maybe I’m also allergic to the room!

After class I came over to my bf’s and we had a nice meal which we ate outside on the patio, then chilled out listening to music.

The next day was pretty amazing for me! I walk every weekend with my bf and can manage some serious mileage even with pots, but I always feel like it’s a struggle every step. This day, it wasn’t so much a struggle, everything felt easier- and I even managed to walk up a number of fairly big hills (not so much all that steep but very long, gradual upwards slopes- which  find are sometimes worse than short, extra steep as you’re climbing up for longer). I was quietly ecstatic when we reached the top of the last hill and he was puffing/panting and showing signs of exertion too and I was keeping pace with him! 😀 It didn’t even phase me when we walked to our local pub after this walk (I was tired and achy by the point and sooo ready to eat) only to find they don’t serve food that day, so had to walk all the way back! (Only about a 15 minute walk but after all the hill walking of earlier, it seemed a lot!).

I couldn’t understand why I felt so much fitter, until it occurred to me that maybe it was because I’d had a bit of reflexology. We were being shown techniques that worked all the zones (of the body, through the foot) so I’d pretty much had my whole body worked on. I am now massively tempted to teach my bf how to do it so that every so often he can give me an energy boost, it only takes about 10 minutes to work all the zones in this way and if it was that which made me feel so much fitter, I want more! 🙂

The reason it dawned on me it could be that is that reflexology is reputed to be excellent for circulation. So it makes sense that if my blood was circulating freely and more of it was getting where it needs to be, my ANS wouldn’t have to work so hard to keep things in balance and so some of my ‘old’ natural fitness was able to shine through!

I didn’t even mind when we’d just walked up a long, continuous hill on a very narrow country lane when a tractor appeared on the brow of the hill. The lane was that  narrow we had to turn back and walk all the way down to the bottom again to where it widened, so it could pass! Then back up! Ordinarily, this would have made me lose all will and desire to get to the top of the hill, but I was feeling fit and determined and it was exciting- as me and my bf were exploring a hill we can see from our bungalow and trying to find a certain field we can also see (not easy as we overlook lots of fields, but this one is distinctive due to having a big green container in it!). The reason we wanted to find it is because we wanted to look back at where we live and see if we could pick out our bungalow! I did find our field and bungalows but it was too tricky to pick them out individually. However, now when I sit in the back garden and look across at the hill with the mobile phone masts on top of it, I now feel a real sense of accomplishment that I have climbed that! And when I look across at the houses behind the distinctive field, I feel proud that I have walked there from the hill!

I am tired out today from this and a little concerned that my ankles ache- they never used to after walks but have started to lately- but still, this doesn’t take away the sense of achievement I feel when I look over at that hill and think- I’ve climbed that! And not even a tractor making me have to turn back to let it pass could stop me! 🙂


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Okay, first of all, I’m tired out today. I went all the way to Newcastle for an appointment with my specialist (who is really lovely) and really I can’t understand why I had to be seen in person. I appreciate her giving me her time very much indeed, but in order to have her time, I have to travel miles and miles on the train and it takes up my whole day! The first time it was necessary as I wasn’t diagnosed so needed to be wired up to monitors and what-not… but this time all we did is talk for a few minutes about how I feel on this latest medication. Don’t get me wrong, I feel VERY privileged that this hospital is so sooo much better than my local one (which was just awful) and that they are thorough with their patients and you get to see the actual consultant (not some registrar like always happens at my local) but really WHY was it necessary for me to go all that way just to say what could be said in a fax or email or over the phone?

Anyways, it’s done now and I just go back in 6 months to talk about a ‘long term plan’.

On the train ride over there, I saw 5 deers! I remember very well the first trip I took there, back in April, undiagnosed and so, so nervous hoping that finally I was going to have my answer as to what was wrong with me. My Mum spotted the deer- a solitary shape alongside a stream. Today, I must have recognised part of the landscape because I started saying “I think this might be round about where we saw the deer, but I bet we don’t see another one.” Mum says “No, it was really early in the morning last time, they probably won’t be around at this time.” I say “Yeah, I bet it was just a one off.” Literally in the next few seconds, I see three sort of laying down but am not sure they are deers and Mum exclaims “There’s one!” and I see she’s pointing to a stood up fawn, just in front of the three laying down ones I could see. Then in the very next field, we both spot an adult one! So it wasn’t a one off after all. I think I may even have seen 2 on the journey home too in a different spot (it’s hard to tell sometimes on a train when you whizz by!). So it’s now my new sort of hobby- seeing how many deers I can spot on the Doncaster-Newcastle line. lol.

Now, you might be wondering about the title of this blog. Well, due to walking a long way yesterday (I’ll get to that) I have been walking with a very stiff leg- this morning I still couldn’t bend my knee (too painful) and when you walk with a leg that won’t bend at the knee, people really don’t half stare at it, like they are checking out if it’s wooden or not. Also, when on trains and sitting at platforms, when you have something that hurts, it’s amazing how many people seem to kick/knock and otherwise jar you in such a way that you wince and IT HURTS EVEN MORE!!!!!

Now, as for why my knee is in this state… well, ever since I learnt to drive I’ve had trouble with chondromalacia on and off.  Driving must flare it up as I didn’t get it to the extent I do since I’ve been a driver. I had a 4 year ‘break’ from driving once and didn’t suffer with chondromalacia- soon as I started driving again- it came back. It is very painful when it happens! It hasn’t happened in a while despite me driving as I managed to strengthen my thigh muscles after physio, plus I joined a walking group which may also have strengthened my muscles and thus helped my joint to be in a better alignment… but I have to keep up my walking it seems otherwise- hello square one. And lately, because of doing the new place up with bf, I haven’t been walking much or far. Plus, this particular weekend I did a lot of driving because I never ever get anhy quality sleep at his place and I was so tired Saturday that I wanted to come home to my own bed, plus he had an early start Sunday morning and I didn’t want to keep him awake with my insomniac fidgeting. So I drove home, and drove over again Sunday. So that was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in a short space of time… followed by a very long walk!

Now, strangely enough despite having POTS I’ve never fainted nor have I had any real problems walking long distances. In fact this is one of the reasons why, when POTS was first mentioned to me by a friend online as something I should look into as maybe being the reason behind some of my wacky symptoms, I read up about it and thought- that can’t be what I have- and didn’t look any further into it for another year or two! But what seems to happen to me is I have the stamina to ‘get through’ things but then my body is worn out afterwards and I’ll either be really tired for days, or weak (often both) or will end up with a sore throat/cold/just generally unwell. So, I used to wonder why I was always tired, and why I caught bugs so easily.

Well, it turns out it was POTS that was causing those things. I only really found out because I did an 11 or 12 mile walk with my bf, finished it off with a terrific migraine aura that nearly blinded me in one eye, and then didn’t recover afterwards. When I say didn’t recover I mean, that set me into a ‘flare’ of symptoms of tachycardia and weakness and I felt so bloody awful I finally looked into POTS again and measured my own heart rates and discovered they were increasing 40-50bpm from laying to standing and so I sought out a specialist (after seeing a really crappy nasty cardiologist who told me to put weight on and forget about it and that it couldn’t be POTS because it’s not very common and even if it was, there’s not a lot that could be done about it anyway, so why test for it. grrrr!).

Now, one of the problems I’ve had with my bf is how he “doesn’t get” it. I can’t blame him because I don’t either and I’m pretty sure lots of my pots friends will be astounded that I could walk that far and not collapse or something. My bf has often said “but you walked 12 miles with me on no medication and you were fine.”

I told him I’m just really good at hiding how I feel and that’s pretty much true. I was okay on that walk for about half of it but by the end I felt half dead and was half blind. I don’t call that being ‘fine’, nor is being so weak afterwards that it takes you 6 months and 4 different medications to feel back to where you were.

But that’s the good news. Now I’ve found ivabradine I feel back to where I was before that horrible crash- actually even better really, because now I know what I’ve got, what causes my fatigue, and it’s being somewhat controlled- I can do things like long walks without having a nasty huge crash afterwards.

So, apart from my knee hurting me so much that I had to walk 6 miles without bending it (that is really, really hard- especially through long tussocky grass which unfortunately, a lot of the walk was!) which then made my whole leg ache- not to mention the strain on the left leg doing all the work- I had a really great 1o mile walk yesterday, and I didn’t feel tired!

See, despite the fact I can walk without any real problem, it wasn’t as pleasurable for the past year, since I had the crash around November last year (after the long, migraine inducing walk). Not on no tablets, not on beta blockers, not on calcium channel blockers or on florinef.  My bf was getting upset that I wasn’t showing enthusiasm for it anymore, but it’s hard to show enthusiasm for something that makes you feel like every step you take is sucking more oxygen and energy out of you til you feel like you’re going to drown in your own body because even though you’re breathing the air doesn’t seem to be working… and since he switches off mentally if ever I talk about it and also requested me to not talk about it as much, I haven’t been able to explain why, although I CAN walk… and although I enjoy his company and the countryside… it was an endurance and not a pleasure for me.

But NOW! Now I can get the enjoyment from it again! In a way I have experienced before, because there have been times when I’ve been stronger and had energy, but even better than that because those times were few and far between and only lasted for a short distance. Now I can be out walking for hours and not feel like I am pushing my body through some kind of endurance marathon. I can enjoy the nature, the scenery- I even talked whilst walking up a little hill!

So, 6 months since I was diagnosed and almost a year since I had “The Crash” I can FINALLY say… I am doing much, much better! 🙂 And it was really great to see how happy it made my bf, that I was out there actually ENJOYING walking with him again. 🙂 Even though we’ve had some ups and downs, even though he finds it hard to understand and to really listen and learn how my condition truly affects me, he’s stuck by me through the worst of it, been patient with me and not complained when I’ve lain in bed til noon or gone to bed for naps in the afternoon, held me when I sobbed myself silly because I felt useless and scared I’d never be able to work a job, and told me not to worry that he’d ever leave me because it doesn’t change how he feels about me… so it really is fantastic to be able to enjoy walking together again and see how happy and cheerful it makes him to have me out there with him, enjoying that. 🙂

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I’ve always walked when things have been bothering me (like when I’m stressed, or need to clear my head or make a tough decision), but since finding out I have POTS, I’ve sometimes made the decision not to at times when I’m really tired, out of fear of it making me feel worse.

Today, I wasn’t having the best day. I’ve been super tired, dizzy and listless. It got me feeling down in the dumps, and frustrated as my specialist has not yet replied to my GP about what medication I can have next as I can’t continue with florinef before and during my upcoming trip to Peru.

In the early evening, I was feeling like some fresh air, but was unsure whether it was a good idea given that I was feeling weak and drained. However, I thought to myself- well, I had POTS for approximately 9 years before it was diagnosed and didn’t know walking could tire me and thus never let it stop me. I’ve pretty much just lived with chronic fatigue but always managed to stay active.  So I figured a walk couldn’t hurt.

Well, after the walk I felt I had MORE energy not less! I think it was helped by the fact my friend called me while I was walking and we had a good chat on the phone, but I was still surprised as I wasn’t expecting to feel as much improvement as I did. It didn’t last that long mind, if anything I feel more weak and shaky now, but even if that’s because of walking it was worth it because it must have released some endorphines or something because I feel in a much better mood and my head is clearer. I’m tired, but the apathy lifted. I’m hoping I feel as clear in the mind tomorrow because I want to start my reflexology coursework!


My bf is sweet, I usually stay over Friday and Saturday nights, but as I’ve been feeling so tired on no medication, I felt I needed to stay home this evening to get more rest. Even though he saw me twice during the week and will be seeing me tomorrow, he still called me tonight for a chat. 🙂

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I went shopping for some essential items for my upcoming adventure to Peru. (I booked a 3 week “Grand Tour” this time last year, before I knew I had POTS, so it’s pretty scary but I am not letting POTS scare me out of doing it because it’s been a life-long dream!).

I came out of the shop minus almost £300. :/

But, I did buy a brand new pair of very comfortable walking boots. This is essential because I do a lot of walking since meeting my bf! (He’s an exercise junkie and we both love the countryside and so it naturally transpires that we go out walking a lot. Plus I think it does my condition good because if ever I’ve had to stop due to other illnesses- like when I had the mono [mono and POTS, yikes!] I end up much weaker and it takes a while to build up my strength again).

I also got a very practical waterproof jacket that I love, love, love! Because it’s a really lively, jewel-bright lapiz-lazuli blue shade! (It’s even called lazuli, me being into gemstones recognised why and can verify it is indeed that rich, beautiful shade). Not only that, it has the CUTEST little hood, with a tiny little capped part to keep the rain off my face. Ohhh, I LOVE it! 🙂

Also adding to the grand total:

A bumbag with 2 free 600ml water bottles and enough space inside for another water bottle AND all my snacks (I tested it- not with the snacks- with my water bottle! The ability to carry lots of water as a comfortably as possible is ESSENTIAL for a potsy-at-altitude!!!)

2 special ‘wicking’ T-shirts- one short and one long sleeved- that absorb sweat away from your body and make it evaporate fast so you feel cooler and don’t get as smelly! Very good for where I’m going as it will be Summer there, and humid!

Gee, this is like a memory test… what else was there?

2 t shirts, one coat, one bumbag, socks and walking boots… actually, that’s the lot! The boots were the most expensive (but should last me 10 years so an investment), followed by the coat, then the long sleeved T-shirt, then the bumbag (which was surprisingly expensive at £30 for what it is), then the short sleeved T-shirt (this special ‘wicking’ material don’t come cheap, believe me! But it’s sooo light and as I’m over there 3 weeks, I could wear and wash, wear and wash… they drip dry faster than cotton, which absorbs moisture), and finally the socks- which weren’t ‘cheap’ at £12. My goodness, hobbies are expensive things!
I’ll tell you what else are expensive things… homes. My bf just bought a new one, and as he’s kind enough to have bought a place and invited me to live there with him rent  free (just bills to pay), I thought the least I could do was offer to buy him a new carpet.

Well, he chose today to give me his bank details for the transfer of one princely sum of £630.

Which me, being the dutiful girlfriend, of course got on with straight away.

Which means I have spent a grand total of just over £900 all in one day.


Actually, I tell a lie- my Mum gave me a few hundred towards it all so let’s say £800.

Still, it’s enough of a sum all in one day to give anyone palpitations, let alone someone who suffers with them as it is!

I would say that I shall try to be frugal for the rest of the week… but I am going back to the outdoor pursuits shop with my bf, and shall be looking for some nice, lightweight trousers. I think after I spent (well, Mum and I combined) that much money there they should welcome be back with a fanfare and colourful bunting. Maybe even roll out a red carpet.

Still, when I’m in Peru and my new acquaintances are all sweating and stinky from their cheap, inferior cotton t-shirts,  lugging heavy rucksacks on their backs and complaining about blisters I know it will be worth every penny!

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The weekend just gone, I enjoyed a weekend at home (with my parents) instead of going to my boyfriends (bfs) like I usually do. Reason being because I came down with a bad cold  on Monday, which by Wednesday following Scotland had turned into a very sore throat and tickly cough. By Friday it was dreadful and so I decided sensibly to stay home and rest.

The weekend before the relaxed, convalescing one I’ve just had was very busy. Too busy, really. I was stressed about it all week because of having to come off the florinef. Worrying how I could cope with being so busy and not having my medication to help. Reckon the stressing and the fact I was so busy is what made me run down so as to catch the cold/cough thing from my friend M who I saw Friday night of the busy weekend.

Busy Weekend Friday (as in not the one just passed but the one the week before that), we showed my bfs Mum what we’d done with the new place and then went carpet shopping. We picked 8 samples which we then narrowed down to 3, then narrowed down to 2 when I walked across them and discovered one was more ‘rough’. We then eventually decided upon the carpet all 3 of us had liked in the shop because it was a nice warm colour and had flecks that matched the new fireplace.

Friday night, we went to the pub to meet some friends, my bf left early and I went out dancing with my friend- the place we usually go to (80s music) had changed the night and no longer do the 80s night (gutted!) so we went to a 90s night instead.

I had a terrible night when I got back to my bfs though. I had an episode of tachycardia that just wouldn’t stop, despite the fact I was laying down. In the end I took a beta blocker (which I’d started carrying around with me just in case, since beginning to wean off florinef) and even that took a while before it slowed, so I happened to still be awake at 8am when my bf left to go golfing. Jeeze!

In the day after he got back we just sat in the garden as it was thankfully nice and warm. We had a look through the Argos catalogue and talked about bathroom cabinets lol.

I went to bed for a bit around 4pm as I felt terrible, but couldn’t sleep. Got ready for a family do bfs Auntie was throwing but was so tired I didn’t feel very sociable and we left early. Unfortunately, I had another awful night. I fell to sleep but my bf woke me in night rolling on me and fidgeting. Then as I was trying to get back to sleep he sneezed and scared me to death which added to my tachycardia and on top of that I got the tremors really bad and was laying in bed shaking for about an hour. Not fun!

So, come Sunday I was EXHAUSTED. I got up at 6.30am and got all my stuff together and was ready to leave by the time my bf got up at 8. I left at 8.15 for my first reflexology class- which was fantastic! Really interesting, tutor brilliant, met some great people. Shame I was sooo tired and started with a sore throat from all the missed sleep.

Monday I had to get up early to go to Scotland! The train journey up there was great, it seemed to fly by, my Uncle picked us up at the station and took us straight to the bungalow, where he and my Auntie S were babysitting I. It was an awful, lashing it down with rain day, but I was tired from travelling so it was nice to just sit in the conservatory and meet the little relatives! We had a nice lunch in the dining room of home made pepper (I think it was) soup. K- O’s Mommy brought little O over a couple of hours later and it was soooo cute how excited I was to see him. They are both so adorable.

Mum and I went to our hotel to unpack and had our evening meal there, then a walk along the beach as it had stopped raining.

On the way back to the hotel, the sky was clearing a little and there were some amazing patterns in the clouds, looking photgenically dramatic behind the church. My camera battery was running out but I just had enough time to get a shot of it and preserve some battery for the next day.


I wasn’t feeling great with a sore throat so had taken TCP with me to gargle. When we got back to the hotel, KB was meeting us in the bar so I put some smarter clothes on and we went down and I had hot toddys for my sore throat/cold thing. 3 in all because they were so nice! Mum and KB had a nice chat and I added the odd thing in here and there. Then finally we went to bed. Oh, and it was my first day not taking a tablet because, as I was coming down with something, I decided I’d need my full immunity (or as full as it could be after being on tablets that suppress it somewhat) and I managed to climb the 3 flights of stairs to the room 3 times at least that day!!

On Tuesday we got up early as breakfast had to be finished by 8.30am (how cruel!) and after a “Scottish breakfast” (which is the same as an English breakfast and for me, minus black pudding, tomatoes and toast) me and my Mum climbed the Binn!!!! It was sooo scary near the top, because it was REALLY windy, and there wasn’t a fence to stop you toppling off the edge!!!! And I get vertigo so add to that the strong gusting wind and the fact it had rained all day the day before so the very thin path was very slippy, and I was terrified. Practically crawling along clutching at the long grasses getting nettled and thistled and brambled in the process!!! But I didn’t want to turn back even though I was so scared, and the end result was worth it!

There is a lot of grass in this picture, because I just plopped down into the grass as I felt 'safer' being low to the ground (due to vertigo)

Although, here’s a funny story. The day before, my camera battery had been running out, so upon reaching the summit I only managed to take 3 photos (the one above being one of them) and it died! Gutted!!!! After all that effort!!!! BUT on the way back down, after being even more gutted about how the light was shining so perfectly on the sea, highlighting the island and wistfully dreaming of the wonderful pictures I could have taken IF ONLY I’d thought to pack my spare battery… I thought to myself:  This is the coat I always wear when out walking with my bf- in which I often carry a spare battery- so maybe it’s in my pocket… and the funniest thing is, it just hadn’t occurred to me despite the fact I KNEW that the camera case was in there- that I keep the spare battery IN the case!

I had already found the camera case in my coat pocket back at the hotel but hadn’t even thought to myself that the battery could be in it, despite having kept it in there since having gotten it months ago! (Brain fog obviously affecting me terribly in this instance).  But this time, when I was actually thinking very hard about looking for my battery, wishing even harder it would be there… I touched the camera case and thought… wait a minute, don’t I always keep the battery in here? Took it out, felt a hard lump and HALLELUJAH my prayers were answered (well, sort of, I had actually prayed that the other battery retained its charge enough to take more photos, but this was even better!) as THE SPARE BATTERY WAS THERE!!!

But then, conditioned into thinking I couldn’t possibly be that lucky, I thought- oh no, it probably needs charging up but miracle of miracles IT DIDNT! FULLY CHARGED BABY! So I yelled my Mum and we climbed back up the little bit we’d come down and I got my pictures. 🙂 Yayness!

The Binn

This being the one I'd be composing sans camera, which I was so overjoyed to get, and which is the header image for this blog! ❤

After this burst of joy and photography, we went back down to the bungalow where we had a nice lunch of cold chicken, ham and crackers. Then we went over to KB’s flat to meet K and took O to the beach where he had a great time and really touched my heart by warming to me and coming up to me and taking my hand because he wanted to walk with me and to show me things. Ahhh. I also encouraged him to chase some seagulls- I could tell he’d never done it before and he was a little shy and hesitant at first but soon got into it and seemed to find it fun.

After a little play on the playground we put him back in his buggy and took him to a little coffee shop where we had hot drinks. Then he captured my heart again by wanting my water bottle and then when I said ‘it’s my bottle’ he picked up his and looked at me and wanted to drink at the same time as me, so when I picked up mine and drank he would drink his and then smile all happy. Then when Auntie lifted him down he came over to me and got my hand and led me outside because he wanted to watch the cars and lorries go by on the road. There was a little table outside so I sat down on a chair with him on my knee and again, it felt so lovely. I miss having little ones on my lap. This is another reason I think working in a nursery will do me good. Although me and my bf decided not to have our own children, little ones do warm my heart and lift my emotions so working with them would be the best of both worlds for me- I can love them but not have the responsibility of having to raise them!

After the coffee shop my Grandma and Auntie took O home and me and Mum went down the high street to get food. I got a starter- chicken satay- from a chinese and Mum got a sausage roll and crisps from the co-op. We ate it in the hotel room while watching Neighbours. Which reminds me of an anecdote I missed- when we first arrived, the TV remote wasn’t working. I asked for new batteries but the bloke who came to sort it out for us tried it and it worked! But then I went to turn TV up and it went DOWN instead of up and then the remote wouldn’t work. So I went and asked for batteries again. Well, when we were at tea the bloke came over and was so patronising and said ‘you see on this remote control- these buttons here with a plus and a minus? You press plus to change the volume up and minus to go down.” LIKE AS IF WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT?! I snapped at him saying something like “We do know how to use a remote control and that is what I did but it did not work!” so he changed the remote and the batteries. Then everything was working fine, what a surprise!

Right, so after Neighbours we went over to the bungalow and Uncle drove us to M and P’s to see baby I for the last time during this trip. She was so cute. Kept saying ‘bow wow- bow wow!’ especially after P put her to bed and she wanted to come back and be sociable with us- she was shouting it from her cot- it was soooo cute.
We went back and Mum and I read mags in the hotel before bed.

On Wednesday we went to the bungalow in the morning and Uncle dropped us off at the swimming baths where we went to watch O, then walked back- K took him home and the rest of us went back to the bungalow to sit in the conservatory- I had a snooze because my cold was making me feel soooo tired and my glands were swollen and hurting like they’ve never hurt before!!! About 12 we headed off to the town to the pottery cafe where me and Uncle had a nice jacket spud with tuna mayo and Auntie and Grandma had carrot and orange soup (Grandma let me taste hers, it was yummy!) and Mum had a scone. Then we walked along high street up and back down, then Uncle took us to the station and we travelled home.

Thursday and Friday I cancelled my clients as my ‘cold’ turned into a dreadful cough. Friday night I went to B’s with M- 2 nice friends I made when I was a student doing my nursery placement last year- and had good fun and a good giggle, left at 9 due to not being well enough to go down town too, got chips from the chippy on way back… then today I have stayed home and not gone to my bf’s so I can rest and get better for my birthday! It’s been quite nice. Was a bit bored in the afternoon for a while after I’d visited Grandma and had a nice snooze on conny settee- but Mum rang me (yes rang me lol) to say Neighbours omnibus was on so we could watch the bits we missed when travelling home and when I was out last night. So laying on the bed watching that in her room was nice. Then we had tea and later watched X Factor together, I’ve had a nice hot bath and washed my hair, and tomorrow will be reading mags in conny how old Sunday mornings used to be- and having Sunday lunch at Grandma’s. It’s really, really nice being at home! I’ve missed the lazy, relaxed-ness of it, since with my bf things are always ‘on the go’. Although if I did it every weekend I’d be bored and fed up, but it’s lovely while convalescing.

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