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Just a couple of weeks ago I was feeling really quite concerned about how drained and tired the virus I had was making me feel- it felt like a chronic fatigue syndrome type relapse and I was extra worried because of all the social events I had coming up and also the starting of the full time job in January. 

However, just in time for the first social events (a friend’s 30th and a masquerade ball last weekend), I felt my energy starting to return. I was still apprehensive about going out twice in a row when I was only just starting to get better but I did it and I had a fabulous time. I even managed to dance a lot at the ball without too much in the way of repercussions. The following week I just took it easy (aside from a visit into school) so by this weekend I was once again ‘ready and raring’ to go. This time it was a night with the girls Friday night (which thankfully involved staying in at our friend’s house, playing games and eating lots of food), then a carol concert and a pub crawl Saturday night- the latter of which was really good fun. Then last night I went out for about an hour to my Great Auntie’s as she was having a get together at her house in celebration of her golden wedding anniversary. 

And today- I feel almost normal- I had a reasonable lay in til 9am (but wasn’t asleep, I’d been awake since 5) and I don’t feel overly tired OR potsy. I am doing better than ever, it seems like each year since 2009 when I finally got diagnosed and on treatment, I have improved a little bit more and a little bit more. This year it’s thanks to the dietary changes I have made, cutting out sugar (except for special occasions) and going almost completely veggie, plus avoiding dairy almost completely too. 

These social events and all this busyness has given me a real confidence boost as if I can do all that at a time just after when I wasn’t feeling very good, it shows that I can recover from viruses now just as well (or maybe even better, who knows?) as a ‘normal’ person does. Since it was a virus that gave me Pots in the first place, it is really nice to not have so much of that fear of a virus causing a relapse or worsening of symptoms. These recent events have shown me that I can have a virus and bounce back to normal without any lasting worsening of symptoms, which is a huge relief given that I am going into full time work in a profession renowned for its germs! (Being around small children = endless potential to catch anything and everything going round!) 


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