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This morning, I popped my morning dose of ivabradine out of the packet, but didn’t have a drink as usual on my windowsill. In this situation, I’d usually have gone to the bathroom and gotten a mouthful of water from the tap to take it, but my Mum was using the bathroom. All I can remember is I put the pill on the windowsill…

Then, I must have gotten distracted somehow. Before leaving the house, I thought to myself: I’m sure I haven’t taken that pill! Because my knee was still in its unbendy state, I asked my Mum to go upstairs and check my windowsill for me. She told me it wasn’t there. I could still swear I couldn’t remember taking it, so asked her to check in the bathroom too- but was also sure I didn’t go in there because she’d been in there. Reasoning with myself, I could remember I didn’t have a drink to take the tablet with and the only other thing I’d have done is taken it with water straight from the bathroom tap. As it wasn’t in the bathroom either, I deduced that I must have taken it after all, and my morning brain fog was particularly bad today because I couldn’t remember putting it in my mouth.

Well… no, I was right that I couldn’t remember taking it because I DIDN’T TAKE IT!! I just found it on my bedroom floor!!!! God knows how it got there- perhaps I knocked it off the sill with my bedcovers.

Now, this little find pleases me because today, when walking around Newcastle from the train station to the hospital, I felt that weak, breathless dragging feeling. After not having that for a few days and then having it again, it was painfully familiar and disappointing to feel.  I thought it was down to doing such a long walk yesterday. But still this disappointed me, as  ideally I’d like to be able to do walks like that and not have such symptoms the next day… because that means I can FULLY enjoy the walks and not worry about being weak or not able to do things the following day.

So, realising that I indeed had not taken the morning dose of ivabradine makes me feel MUCH better about how yucky I felt when walking round today (and could also explain why I kept going very white and feeling dizzy and faint- I never have fainted, but I had a lot of pre-syncope feelings, nausea and vertigo today).  Thank GOODNESS for this pill. I suspected it would really help me, not sure why, maybe just an instinct (the same way that I always knew something was physically wrong despite the doctors over the years all telling me I had anxiety/stress) but actually, I’m surprised at how big a difference it truly makes!

Today, I kept going really pale (my Mum was with me and she was very worried!) and having pre-syncope and nausea, plus when I was walking around, I felt breathless, …weak, like something is dragging me back or like the air around me is thick treacle… everything feels difficult. With ivabradine I don’t get any of that. I can walk around and feel quite ‘normal’. I can walk faster because the air is just like air, not treacle- and my limbs are like arms and legs, not lead.

I told my Mum and she gasped and said “That must be why you felt so funny today!” (There was a moment in a cafe as well when I felt close to fainting just sitting up and things swam before my eyes- it freaked me out because, having never fainted in my life, I’m scared to start as I fear it would mean I’m getting worse not better!). Then she laughed and said I was turning into Gran- my Great Grandma- as my Mum and Grandma were always finding tablets on her living room floor.



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