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I’m eating DELICIOUS wheat free Tortilla chips as I write this, omg they are gorgeous, and I’m sooo hungry too, so I just can’t stop! lol. Eating healthier is going really well though, this is one of the only “naughty” things I’ve had lately, apart from some chocolate yesterday. I’ve been eating lots of fruit! Lidl has a great selection so I’m having fruit salads every day.

Last night, I dreamt I was in Florida hanging with the TDC peeps. It was SUCH A GREAT DREAM! Even though not real, it left me with such a great feeling all day.

Today, I went shopping with my Mum and bought some curtains for my bfs place. I just need to get a pole and then we can hang them this weekend! The final touches will really make it into a home for us. Can’t wait! I also ordered a bathroom cupboard for the bleach and stuff, so we don’t have to have it out on display.

I got a lovely new scarf that’s teal coloured and has sparkles in it! It’s also bouncy! I can’t explain it, it’s the material and the way it’s woven together- tug on it and it bounces. Springy I guess would be a better way to say it. hehee.

I also got fleece headbands for when out walking, as it’s that time of year when it’s not really cold enough for a hat, but it’s cold on my ears and that hurts- I was thinking I needed something but wasn’t sure what and I happened to see these in a sports shop, so that’s great! It was buy one get one free so I got a dark pink and a purple. Actually they were the only colours available as I don’t have much pink, I tend to not like it on me- but it’s okay for a headband and actually the colour suits my haircolour.

This evening, I went to meet friends at the cinema. I am so chuffed with myself because I went on the motorway! I’ve been driving for 4 years now and have never been on the motorway because big lorries scare me, but the funny thing is since being on ivabradine I just have more confidence in general. I wonder if part of having tachycardia means that you get more anxiety as a result, because your body has more like stress running through it, so you worry/get scared more easily? Because I still don’t like lorries but I didn’t feel half as scared as before- before I wouldn’t even have done it- especially not as it was dark too! But I loved it! I even overtook a lorry! 🙂 WOO HOOOO! I drove on the motorway there AND coming back- despite being a bit tired after the film. It’s like I feel like I WANT to challenge myself now instead of making excuses and reasons not to face my fears. It felt great!

It was nice to see my friends too and the film was funny. Oh what was so funny was when we went in, I was first in the queue out of me and my friends and when it was my turn to be served and buy the tickets- the name of the film had gone out of my mind! So I asked my friend and she couldn’t remember either! I was acting really potsy but the funny thing was so was she! In the end I was the one who remembered, though it was triggered by her mentioning part of the title but getting it slightly wrong. Then when we went into the cinema we turned the wrong way and were confronted by this locked staff only door and looked all confused at it. It was really funny coz it’s usually me being like that and feeling pretty silly as everyone else is with it but we were all as bad as each other tonight!

So yeah, it was a good day today. I’m off out tomorrow for tea with another friend too so that will be nice. Things are good right now and I’m enjoying it! 🙂


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I went shopping for some essential items for my upcoming adventure to Peru. (I booked a 3 week “Grand Tour” this time last year, before I knew I had POTS, so it’s pretty scary but I am not letting POTS scare me out of doing it because it’s been a life-long dream!).

I came out of the shop minus almost £300. :/

But, I did buy a brand new pair of very comfortable walking boots. This is essential because I do a lot of walking since meeting my bf! (He’s an exercise junkie and we both love the countryside and so it naturally transpires that we go out walking a lot. Plus I think it does my condition good because if ever I’ve had to stop due to other illnesses- like when I had the mono [mono and POTS, yikes!] I end up much weaker and it takes a while to build up my strength again).

I also got a very practical waterproof jacket that I love, love, love! Because it’s a really lively, jewel-bright lapiz-lazuli blue shade! (It’s even called lazuli, me being into gemstones recognised why and can verify it is indeed that rich, beautiful shade). Not only that, it has the CUTEST little hood, with a tiny little capped part to keep the rain off my face. Ohhh, I LOVE it! 🙂

Also adding to the grand total:

A bumbag with 2 free 600ml water bottles and enough space inside for another water bottle AND all my snacks (I tested it- not with the snacks- with my water bottle! The ability to carry lots of water as a comfortably as possible is ESSENTIAL for a potsy-at-altitude!!!)

2 special ‘wicking’ T-shirts- one short and one long sleeved- that absorb sweat away from your body and make it evaporate fast so you feel cooler and don’t get as smelly! Very good for where I’m going as it will be Summer there, and humid!

Gee, this is like a memory test… what else was there?

2 t shirts, one coat, one bumbag, socks and walking boots… actually, that’s the lot! The boots were the most expensive (but should last me 10 years so an investment), followed by the coat, then the long sleeved T-shirt, then the bumbag (which was surprisingly expensive at £30 for what it is), then the short sleeved T-shirt (this special ‘wicking’ material don’t come cheap, believe me! But it’s sooo light and as I’m over there 3 weeks, I could wear and wash, wear and wash… they drip dry faster than cotton, which absorbs moisture), and finally the socks- which weren’t ‘cheap’ at £12. My goodness, hobbies are expensive things!
I’ll tell you what else are expensive things… homes. My bf just bought a new one, and as he’s kind enough to have bought a place and invited me to live there with him rent  free (just bills to pay), I thought the least I could do was offer to buy him a new carpet.

Well, he chose today to give me his bank details for the transfer of one princely sum of £630.

Which me, being the dutiful girlfriend, of course got on with straight away.

Which means I have spent a grand total of just over £900 all in one day.


Actually, I tell a lie- my Mum gave me a few hundred towards it all so let’s say £800.

Still, it’s enough of a sum all in one day to give anyone palpitations, let alone someone who suffers with them as it is!

I would say that I shall try to be frugal for the rest of the week… but I am going back to the outdoor pursuits shop with my bf, and shall be looking for some nice, lightweight trousers. I think after I spent (well, Mum and I combined) that much money there they should welcome be back with a fanfare and colourful bunting. Maybe even roll out a red carpet.

Still, when I’m in Peru and my new acquaintances are all sweating and stinky from their cheap, inferior cotton t-shirts,  lugging heavy rucksacks on their backs and complaining about blisters I know it will be worth every penny!

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