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The past couple of days have been interesting!

I had my final reflexology class. Weirdly, after that I always get a really bad headache/migraine. I don’t know whether it’s because sitting in the reclining chair, having someone practice a technique on my feet, then having to swap- means too much laying back, sitting up, standing up for my autonomic nervous system to handle. The weird thing is with these headaches I also get sinus pain. Maybe I’m also allergic to the room!

After class I came over to my bf’s and we had a nice meal which we ate outside on the patio, then chilled out listening to music.

The next day was pretty amazing for me! I walk every weekend with my bf and can manage some serious mileage even with pots, but I always feel like it’s a struggle every step. This day, it wasn’t so much a struggle, everything felt easier- and I even managed to walk up a number of fairly big hills (not so much all that steep but very long, gradual upwards slopes- which  find are sometimes worse than short, extra steep as you’re climbing up for longer). I was quietly ecstatic when we reached the top of the last hill and he was puffing/panting and showing signs of exertion too and I was keeping pace with him! 😀 It didn’t even phase me when we walked to our local pub after this walk (I was tired and achy by the point and sooo ready to eat) only to find they don’t serve food that day, so had to walk all the way back! (Only about a 15 minute walk but after all the hill walking of earlier, it seemed a lot!).

I couldn’t understand why I felt so much fitter, until it occurred to me that maybe it was because I’d had a bit of reflexology. We were being shown techniques that worked all the zones (of the body, through the foot) so I’d pretty much had my whole body worked on. I am now massively tempted to teach my bf how to do it so that every so often he can give me an energy boost, it only takes about 10 minutes to work all the zones in this way and if it was that which made me feel so much fitter, I want more! 🙂

The reason it dawned on me it could be that is that reflexology is reputed to be excellent for circulation. So it makes sense that if my blood was circulating freely and more of it was getting where it needs to be, my ANS wouldn’t have to work so hard to keep things in balance and so some of my ‘old’ natural fitness was able to shine through!

I didn’t even mind when we’d just walked up a long, continuous hill on a very narrow country lane when a tractor appeared on the brow of the hill. The lane was that  narrow we had to turn back and walk all the way down to the bottom again to where it widened, so it could pass! Then back up! Ordinarily, this would have made me lose all will and desire to get to the top of the hill, but I was feeling fit and determined and it was exciting- as me and my bf were exploring a hill we can see from our bungalow and trying to find a certain field we can also see (not easy as we overlook lots of fields, but this one is distinctive due to having a big green container in it!). The reason we wanted to find it is because we wanted to look back at where we live and see if we could pick out our bungalow! I did find our field and bungalows but it was too tricky to pick them out individually. However, now when I sit in the back garden and look across at the hill with the mobile phone masts on top of it, I now feel a real sense of accomplishment that I have climbed that! And when I look across at the houses behind the distinctive field, I feel proud that I have walked there from the hill!

I am tired out today from this and a little concerned that my ankles ache- they never used to after walks but have started to lately- but still, this doesn’t take away the sense of achievement I feel when I look over at that hill and think- I’ve climbed that! And not even a tractor making me have to turn back to let it pass could stop me! 🙂


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