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Weird dream…

I am getting signs from the universe to improve my diet. (I’m a big believer in ‘signs’). First of all, I ate cheesecake at the wedding and ended up with pain and nausea for 3 days afterwards. My tummy still doesn’t feel “back to normal”- every time I eat something, it feels like it’s having a hard time digesting it.

So, I thought to myself, really- it’s not worth it. So I was already thinking of improving my diet. I also added in almonds for a snack as I read somewhere that they have a lot of minerals in them that’s good for potsies, and I started eating sardines.

Then, my bf started talking to me about a book he’s read called ‘fit for life’. All about eating healthy. He wants me to borrow it after he’s read it again. One of the things it recommends is not letting anything except fruit past your lips before 12 noon. So I’m going to try that. My bf was sweet too as he said ‘that should help you with your dehydration as you’ll also be getting water from the fruit.’ 🙂

Then, at the end of my second reflexology course day yesterday, I got my next assignment- which is to research the history of healthy diets and to write about some of the diets that are popular right now- any that interest you.

So, I believe those are all ‘signs’ to lead me in the right direction.

Another thing, I had a strange dream last night that I was sitting at a table with lots of people who were eating KFC in front of me. They were all gnawing on these chicken drumsticks and saying how delicious they were and my response was “You know what, I don’t care- I know it’s not good for me.” I also dreamt I was eating walnuts, and very strangely this morning my Mum read something out to me from the paper “Eating walnuts can help to reduce stress.” Now, I don’t even LIKE walnuts but I believe it is another sign and so I’m going to get some.

I truly believe that your body will let you know what it needs, in cravings or dreams. And that if you’re to hear an important message, you’ll keep stumbling across it in various ways- e.g. newspaper articles, overheard snippets of conversation, things on the radio, things people post or write on facebook… etc. So as lately I keep seeing/reading/hearing messages about healthy eating, AND also dreaming about foods I wouldn’t consciously choose to eat like walnuts, I believe I need to start taking more care about what I put into my body. So I’m starting today and I just ate a delicious red, crunchy English apple for breakfast. 🙂


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