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I’m eating DELICIOUS wheat free Tortilla chips as I write this, omg they are gorgeous, and I’m sooo hungry too, so I just can’t stop! lol. Eating healthier is going really well though, this is one of the only “naughty” things I’ve had lately, apart from some chocolate yesterday. I’ve been eating lots of fruit! Lidl has a great selection so I’m having fruit salads every day.

Last night, I dreamt I was in Florida hanging with the TDC peeps. It was SUCH A GREAT DREAM! Even though not real, it left me with such a great feeling all day.

Today, I went shopping with my Mum and bought some curtains for my bfs place. I just need to get a pole and then we can hang them this weekend! The final touches will really make it into a home for us. Can’t wait! I also ordered a bathroom cupboard for the bleach and stuff, so we don’t have to have it out on display.

I got a lovely new scarf that’s teal coloured and has sparkles in it! It’s also bouncy! I can’t explain it, it’s the material and the way it’s woven together- tug on it and it bounces. Springy I guess would be a better way to say it. hehee.

I also got fleece headbands for when out walking, as it’s that time of year when it’s not really cold enough for a hat, but it’s cold on my ears and that hurts- I was thinking I needed something but wasn’t sure what and I happened to see these in a sports shop, so that’s great! It was buy one get one free so I got a dark pink and a purple. Actually they were the only colours available as I don’t have much pink, I tend to not like it on me- but it’s okay for a headband and actually the colour suits my haircolour.

This evening, I went to meet friends at the cinema. I am so chuffed with myself because I went on the motorway! I’ve been driving for 4 years now and have never been on the motorway because big lorries scare me, but the funny thing is since being on ivabradine I just have more confidence in general. I wonder if part of having tachycardia means that you get more anxiety as a result, because your body has more like stress running through it, so you worry/get scared more easily? Because I still don’t like lorries but I didn’t feel half as scared as before- before I wouldn’t even have done it- especially not as it was dark too! But I loved it! I even overtook a lorry! 🙂 WOO HOOOO! I drove on the motorway there AND coming back- despite being a bit tired after the film. It’s like I feel like I WANT to challenge myself now instead of making excuses and reasons not to face my fears. It felt great!

It was nice to see my friends too and the film was funny. Oh what was so funny was when we went in, I was first in the queue out of me and my friends and when it was my turn to be served and buy the tickets- the name of the film had gone out of my mind! So I asked my friend and she couldn’t remember either! I was acting really potsy but the funny thing was so was she! In the end I was the one who remembered, though it was triggered by her mentioning part of the title but getting it slightly wrong. Then when we went into the cinema we turned the wrong way and were confronted by this locked staff only door and looked all confused at it. It was really funny coz it’s usually me being like that and feeling pretty silly as everyone else is with it but we were all as bad as each other tonight!

So yeah, it was a good day today. I’m off out tomorrow for tea with another friend too so that will be nice. Things are good right now and I’m enjoying it! 🙂


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On Friday night it was my friend’s hen do. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have, because I LOST MY KEYS! This has never happened to me before and was VERY upsetting and stressful- I was walking around in a horrible packed, dark bar with people bumping into me, spilling drinks on me, trying to see my keys on the floor, whilst panicking, stressing and feeling annoyed and upset! I ended up walking right behind the bar to give my name and number and walking all the way back to the other bar we were in to give them my name and number, just in case.

I already hated the bar I lost my keys in as it is, because it is too hot, too crowded, too dark and there’s nowhere to sit! I hate it even more after that and WON’T be going in there again.

I had a final scout round but it was just impossible in the dingy conditions with loads of drunk idiots banging into me.

My friend R, who was helping me, came over later in the night with a key she’d found on the floor near us, but it didn’t look like mine and wasn’t attached to a key-ring. I held on to it though just in case someone had stood on it and it had somehow broken off. I knew it wasn’t the kitchen door for sure, but thought it could have been the other side door. (As they were the keys to my bfs place, I’m not that familar on what the other side door key looks like as we never use that door!).

R told us we were moving on to the next place then, but I was so determined to have one last good look for the keys that I lost the others in the process! In my turmoil I couldn’t care less, which was on reflection bad of me really, but luckily I have good friends so when I missed a call from Amy  two of them came back to find me and the rest had all waited outside. It all got too much for me then,  so I walked out crying. Well, at this point some of the girls who hadn’t realised what was going on asked what was the matter so I told them and one girl, J, said “Your keys didn’t have a me to you keyring did they?” and I said “YES! Have you seen them?” and she said “I found them on the floor in there! Hang on!” She walked off, and I was thinking the worst at this point- that she’d found them and just left them there- but joy of joys- she went to the bouncer who took them out of his pocket!!! 😀 YAY!

So I got my keys, she returned to the other girls, and I thought some poor person might be looking for the key R had given me, so I gave THAT to the bouncer, who joked he was like a jailkeeper with all these keys!

We then caught a taxi to the next club. Whilst we were waiting outside, J looked in her purse and then said to me “Oh my god I don’t believe this, I’ve found your keys and lost my own!” So then I said “Oh my god, it’s not just a single square shaped key with a small chain attached to it is it?” and she said yes!!! So I was like “You’re not going to believe it, R. found it and thought it might be mine and gave it to me, when you found mine I gave it to the same bouncer!!” so then me, her and a friend of hers got into another taxi to go back and fetch her key!!!

How bizarre is that? She found my key and gave it to the bouncer and I ended up with her key and gave that to the same bouncer!

So after having found the keys I was so relieved and thus happier, so went on to dance in the next club with them, but unfortunately it was way too hot, plus I’d also got my period, and after all the stress and excess adrenaline, I still didn’t really enjoy myself because I had to sit down while they were all dancing. 😦

Despite the fact it was not the fun night I had expected it to be, I made some new friends who I am looking forward to seeing at the wedding on Friday, so I am going to make sure at that party I will have all the fun I missed out on when panicking and stressing about the lost keys! And also, will be keeping my keys always in my bag from now on, never in my coat again!

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